Wednesday, September 5, 2012

FARM WEEK # 17 - September 6, 2012 - MINI SHARE # 14

September 5, 2012

Thanks for your patience waiting for this email.  I am feeling a lot better than I was this morning but I am still moving slowly.  We can have the shares tomorrow.  (I don't think I have anything contagious, just ate something that didn't agree with me.)
Since I haven't even started picking, I'd like to shift tomorrow's PICK UP TIME to 3:00 - 8:00.

Also, I would be happy to have some HELP with the picking tomorrow, 6:30 AM - 11:00 AM.  Any amount of time would be useful since usually I start the picking on Wednesday.  Thanks!

PICK UP NOTES (Note later time.  Please email or call me so I know you got this or want to help.  Thanks.)
Pick up time is tomorrow, Thursday, 3:00 - 8:00.  I'll send an email when the shares are ready.


I've continued my weeding and planting this week.  More and more of the garden is looking well tended and more and more fall crops are in.  I am getting excited about the winter hoophouse!  I plan on continuing weeding and planting and prepping ground until snow comes.  Next week I will be home all week to work in the garden so if you feel like coming by to visit, haul compost, pull weeds, prep areas for strawberries and blueberries (dig and haul soil amendments), clear brush, transplant seedlings to the hoophouse, etc., you are welcome to join me.  There's more to this endeavor than beauty and order; it will turn into healthier plants and a bigger harvest in the future.  Lots of variety in the project line.  You are welcome to join in the fun.  Best to call ahead.  773-8325

Rob and I mostly goofed off this past weekend and enjoyed our time with my son Dan and his gal, Maggie.  It was a wonderful visit!

Maggie and me.

Poultry:  The young hens are laying more and more eggs.   Mini Share folks can choose 1/2 dozen eggs as one of their items this week.  If you are near the ducks, check out the Welsh Harlequin drake.  He is coming into his adult colors and looks beautiful.  So nice, in fact, that I am reconsidering our plan of just keeping one drake. The next major culling of the chicken flock will be Saturday, Sept. 15, so Rob and I will be pretty busy that day. I will be posting a video of the chicken plucker that Rob built at the farm web site, assuming the video doesn't take hours to upload.
General Farm Blog:   Someday I will merge the various farm blogs (general, csa, farm stand and recipes).  Since I started those blogs, Blogger realized that people need more pages for their blogs.  So someday, I'll set things up properly.  Don't hold your breath though, it probably won't happen until the winter.

Water:  I am so grateful for the rain.  We made it through this last dry spell!  In a way, I like being conscious of the water situation in the world, especially our bit of it, but then again, I wouldn't mind the option of being oblivious from time to time.  For now, we are okay as long as the rains come on a regular basis.

Between visiting and being ill last night and this morning, I don't remember much in the farm news line to tell you.  I can tell you that it is pretty darn peaceful here.  I've mostly been weeding and planning what to plant in the hoophouse for winter harvest.  This weekend, we will probably cut some of the buckwheat in the field to prepare a spot for our hoped-for future hoophouse in the field.

Flowers:  Due to inconsistent planting and weeding, there are not many flowers these days.  I'll keep picking what I can, when I can.  There should be some tomorrow.

That reminds me, if you know of someone who would like to work as a FARM INTERN next year, in exchange for a share and/or to help with a school requirement, please send them my way.


Mini Choices Week # 14 - Pick two or I will choose for you.  It works well if people tell me their top 3-4 choices. Then I can figure your share based on the harvest.  I am including a couple of things that I know I do not have enough for all.  I'll put the requests in a hat to decide who gets them since not everyone can check their email all the time.  Since this email is going out so late, I'll try to have several choices available for those who aren't able to respond before pick up time.  (Thursday, 3 - 8)

chard or kale
1/2 dozen eggs!

Farmer's Choice
(I give you 2 items from the garden, from this list or not, based on general preferences you have shared with me and based on the harvest.  Farmer's Choice may include items not on this list, like peppers or NZ spinach, depending on availability.)


New Zealand spinach
beans?  I am offering these to the minis this week but there may be enough for everyone.
sweet peppers
ground cherries?

Thanks for your understanding about the lateness of this email.  I feel a lot better!

Laura Timmerman
Leyden, MA 01337
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