Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Still a few shares left...

I have been selling shares to former members and to some new folks. Welcome to the farm, new members! Welcome back, you others! (I was going to say "old folks" but that's not right...)

If you are still considering a share, here is the basic information:

Thursday afternoon - early evening (before dark) at the farm. (No delivery this year.)

Shares include pick-your-own snap peas, snow peas, cherry tomatoes and some flowers. These will be marked in the garden so you know what's what.

Prices for 2011 are the same as 2010! Full and Half Shares are on a sliding scale.
Full Shares: $600.00 to $675.00, 20 -24 weeks, depending on the weather, starts mid to late May
Half Shares: $300.00 to $350.00, 20 -24 weeks, depending on the weather, starts mid to late May
Mini Shares: $100.00, 16 weeks, June 2 to September 15
Deposits of $100 for Full and Half Shares and $50 for Mini Shares are due by March 20. (Hmmmmm.... Today is March 23rd so I guess that now means, ASAP.) If you are able to make a larger payment on your share, that would be extremely helpful as most of my expenses for the farm are in February, March and April. For instance, I recently ordered $700 worth of seeds and plants and now I am building grow tunnel and need to buy potatoes and peach trees! All shares should be paid in full by June 1, 2010.

*****SEED MONEY - special thank you gift for payment in full by April 1.*****

Get in touch soon if you want a share. Only 1 1/2 shares left!