Sunday, January 27, 2013

910 Greenfield Rd.
Leyden, Massachusetts

Shares are on sale!  Sign up SOON for yours!  I'd love to have you as a farm member.  Now is time to reserve your share of locally grown, organic vegetables, fruits, and flowers.  Shares come in three sizes to suit a variety of needs and all sizes include flowers, as available.

Full Shares:  $625.00 to $675.00  (20 - 22 weeks, weather dependent, starting May 23)
Half Shares:  $325.00 to $350.00  (20 - 22 weeks, weather dependent, starting May 23)
Mini Shares:  $105.00 (16 weeks - starting June 6)
Extended Mini Shares:  $130.00 (20 weeks - starting June 6)  (Only 6 available.)

Early Bird Special:  Pay in full for your share by March 1 and receive one dozen eggs as a signing bonus.   (Full shares get two dozen.)
A July Full Share
An August Full Share

FULL SHARES are intended for a family of 3-4 or two people who really love vegetables and cooking and perhaps want to put up some food for the winter.
A July Half Share
HALF SHARES are great for two people or one person who loves vegetables and lots of variety in their share and enjoys a bit of preserving or entertaining.
A July Mini Share
MINI SHARES are small.  Two items a week plus flowers.  The mini share folks can choose what they want from a list of available items each week, or take Farmer's Choice.  

Pick up at the farm on Thursdays afternoons.

If you have questions, just give send me an email or give me a ring.  I love talking about vegetables!
Laura Timmerman

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