Tuesday, January 26, 2010

2010 Farm Shares - The short story


Timmerman Farm
910 Greenfield Rd
Leyden, MA 01337

Full Shares - ~24 weeks - $600.00 - $675.00
Half Shares - ~24 weeks - $300.00 - $350.00
Min Shares - 16 weeks - $100.00

Free delivery in Leyden for Full and Half Shares
$25.00 for delivery in Leyden for Mini Shares

Pick Up Days - Monday, Wednesday or Friday, your choice
Delivery Day - Friday

Deposits/First payments due March 20, 2010
Last payments due July 1, 2010

Contact Laura Timmerman for more information

Photo by Trish Crapo of Leyden, MA

Sunday, January 24, 2010

CSA 2010 Membership Invitation

Dear friends of the Timmerman Farm - former farm members, helpers, and people who have expressed an interest in becoming a member of our little farm,

I am delighted to be beginning my fourth season as an honest-to-goodness farmer. I love all aspects of the work and appreciate the interest and support of you all. Thank you!

Once again, I am keeping the farm pretty small. I am offering 8 shares this year, up from 6 last year. I want to keep things at a manageable level for a one-woman operation. With Heather and Robin's help last year, we opened up a lot more land for planting so I will be able to grow more variety for the shares and there should also be plenty of flowers as I have an entire new cut flower garden! I am psyched.
Now is the time for finalizing the layout and harvest goals for the shares and for ordering seed and supplies. I am most of the way there on these projects and looking forward to planting onions and leeks in the near future. I seem to be especially drawn to the heirloom tomatoes and winter squashes this time. But as you all know I have a thing for beans. I guess basically, there are a lot of vegetables in our future. Let's hope it's a good year for tomatoes!
The CHICKENS have been laying pretty well all winter. Production is down a bit lately but I still have several dozen eggs a week for sale. Mostly people just ask about them and they get sold so don't be shy about asking if you want some. When I have extra, I send out an EGG email, so let me know if you want to be on that list. We will be getting more chicks in April to refresh the flock. So far, although I have eggs, they are not available on a consistent enough basis to add them to the shares. But anytime you want eggs added to your share, just let me know. They are $4.00 a dozen for non-certified but organically grown eggs.
WORKING AT THE FARM is encouraged. I hope to set up a few specific member work days during the season and perhaps a Farm Member Picnic, if there is interest. My thought about working is that your help and company of course is great, but even more important is getting a sense of what's happening in our little piece of the earth. Working is totally optional, but if it interests you, you are welcome in the garden.


NOW is the time to let me know if you are interested in getting a farm share this year. Since I am only increasing by two shares and since more and more folks have been asking about the farm, please sign up as soon as you can. Notice of the farm shares will be in the February Leyden newsletter so the word is spreading... PAYMENT: Deposits of $100 for Full and Half Shares and $50 for Mini Shares are due by March 20. If you are able to make a larger payment on your share, that would be extremely helpful as most of my expenses for the farm are this month. All shares should be paid in full by July 1, 2010.

Like last year, there will be FULL, HALF and MINI SHARES. There will also be a very informal share I am calling the PLAY IN THE DIRT SHARE. I hope to start delivering Full and Half Shares on May 21 and have them last for 24 weeks, until October 29. Mini Shares should be ready to start June 4 and run for 16 weeks. It's possible that the larger shares will start and/or end earlier, it just depends on the weather. The prices are slightly higher than last year but in the same range. Mini Shares are the same price but this year delivery on Minis is optional and extra. So if you decide to pick up your mini share it will cost the same as 2009.

PICK-UP and DELIVERY: This year I want to try picking on three days instead of two. That means you have the option of picking up your share on Monday, Wednesday or Friday. Delivery is offered on Fridays only and in Leyden only. So you can choose the day that works in your schedule the best. Each day I pick, the shares will be ready in coolers in the screen house here at the farm by late morning. I will deliver on Fridays around 12 - 2 and if you are not home, the share can go into a cooler in a safe and shady spot at your house.

You can see pictures of the shares at the CSA blog:

Each person/household has different vegetable needs but this is how I describe the shares:

The FULL SHARES are intended to feed households of 2 adults plus 1-3 young people or something like that, with extras to put up or store for the winter if available. Includes a bouquet each week. 2010 price: $600.00 to $675.00.

HALF SHARES are basically half a Full Share and should be enough fresh eating for 2 adults, with extras for putting by as available. Includes a bouquet. You have the option of getting a full sized share every other week or a half sized one every week. 2010 price: $300.00 to $350.00.

MINI SHARES are essentially just a taste of fresh local foods. Not too much to deal with but fun to have. Usually you will get two items each week, usually lettuce or mesclun plus one other item. Each week I will let you know what items are likely to be in the mini shares and you can let me know what you prefer, if you wish. Or let me choose for you. Flowers or eggs may be substituted for one item, if they are available. Includes a mini bouquet each week. 2010 price $100.00 if picked up at the farm, $125.00 if delivered in Leyden.

PLAYING IN THE DIRT SHARE: This is my new idea for 2010. This is for people who wish they could have a garden but can't or want to have a fun garden time with their child or a young friend, or who just like to play in the dirt. Just let me know when you would like to come by for an hour or two, I'll give you some garden tasks like weeding or mulching or picking or whatever and you can go home with some vegetables to eat or a bouquet of flowers. I'll here to guide you. Come once a season or every week or whenever the spirit moves you. This could fill a need for garden time for some people. FREE.

FALL SHARES: I hope to grow enough winter squash, potatoes, carrots and onions to be able to offer a one-time winter storage share. More on this as the season progresses...

Thank you for all your interest and support for the farm. I look forward to hearing from you and to growing us a lot of fine vegetables and fruit and flowers this year.
Blessings to you all,


Well I see that I really got behind last year on my CSA blog posting! It's been so long I forgot I messed up. That's sort of cool in a way.

Now it's a new year and time for me to get organized and ready to plant! And it's time for my lovely farm members and wannabe farm members to sign up for shares. I am only increasing the farm by two shares this year so folks should act quickly to sign up. Plus I need your deposits to buy seed and soil and supplies and amenities to grow all this glorious food for us all. I'll be posting soon about the details for this season but for now, here are some pictures from 2009 - almost all the shares from 23 weeks of shares (16 weeks of mini shares).

When I look at these pictures I am pleased with my efforts and the efforts of my various helpers, especially Heather, Robin, and Linda. The food looks good. And there is a lot of it. The flowers are beautiful.

BUT...I want to do even better. I love fresh greens and in January I am craving them but in 2010 I want the shares to have more tomatoes, sweet peppers, potatoes, broccoli and cauliflower, winter squash, beans, peas and just generally, more variety. I am trying to finish up my main seed order, which is very difficult, especially as the tomato sections of the catalogs keep pulling me in and forcing me to write down more and more varieties. And then I see that my seed needs list says to limit my new tomato varieties to 5 or less... That is a goal I will not be able to meet, for sure.

Ready to claim a share? Email me at laurat-at-crocker.com

Details about the shares will be posted soon. For now, here is 2009 IN PICTURES:

Last Full Share - October 23, 2009 - Week 23

Full Share 10/16/09

Full Share 10/9/09

Flowers 10/2/09

Full Share 10/2/09

late fall mesclun

Bouquets 9/25/09

Full Share 9/25/09

Full Share 9/18/09

Bouquets 9/11/09

Mini Share 9/11/09

Full Share 9/11/09

Full Share 9/4/09

Mini Share 9/4/09

Full Share 8/28/09 (+ extra flowers)

Full Share 8/21/09

Mini Share 8/21/09

Full Share 8/14/09


Prepping mesclun 8/10/09

Full Share 7/31/09

Mini Share 7/31/09

Mini Share 7/24/09

Full Share 7/24/09

Mini Bouquets 7/24/09

Bouquet 7/24/09

Mini Share 7/17/09

Full Share 7/17/09

Full Share 7/10/09

Mini Share 7/10/09

head lettuce, Heather, 7/10/09

Mini Share 7/3/09

Full Share 7/3/09

Edible Bouquet 7/3/09

Full Share 6/26/09

Mini Share 6/26/09

Mini Share 6/19/09

Bouquets 6/19/09

Full Share 6/19/09

Full Share 6/12/09

Mini Share 6/12/09

Full Share 6/5/09

Mini Share #1 - 6/5/09

3 full shares 5/29/09

prepping the shares 5/29/09

Full Share #1 - 5/22/09