Monday, January 26, 2009

Shares 2009

This past week I sent out an email to previous farm members, farm stand regulars and some people who have expressed an interest being members of the farm. I have been delighted with the response. Out of 5 1/2 shares and 4 mini shares, I have already sold 3 1/2 or 4 shares and 3 minis. That only leaves 1 1/2 - 2 shares and 1 mini left!

I decided, as usual, to keep the farm small and to increase only a small amount over last year. In 2008 I did manage to increase the amount of area I have available for farming but not as much as I had hoped. I'm getting out the rototiller this year to help me expand a bit more. The other thing is that I am not satisfied with the shares as they are so far. (My members think the shares are terrific but I want the shares to be even better.) Because of the space limitations, in 2007 and 2008 I never got around to planting some crops that I consider basic, such as potatoes and lots of tomatoes and broccoli. Some things I started in pots but never had a spot to put them. The result was that the shares are not up to my standards yet, even though they are large and tasty and fair value. So this year I am determined to plant everything! I would be pleased if this year became known as the year of the tomato.

The other little blip related to learning to be a farmer is that there were some things that I usually have in storage for myself in the winter that just never got planted. The items mentioned above plus storage carrots, tomato sauce, hot peppers, etc. It really bugs me to have to buy these things at the store. So that is the other things that needs correction this year and the other reason I am not expanding further in terms of selling more shares. Instead I will be growing more for me!

The fun news around the farm these days is that the chickens are laying eggs. Yesterday they laid 7 eggs! A new record. Speaking of which, it's time to bring them some water...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

2008 in Pictures

Here are pictures from most of the shares in 2008, with the later shares at the top of the 'list'. Check earlier posts for specific descriptions. Each week throughout the growing season I try to post both an estimate of what the share will include that week and a picture and list of what it actually included. I will be using the same system in 2009.