Thursday, October 27, 2011

FARM SHARE # 23 - October 27, 2011



Last share of the season!
I am pretty happy with the size and variety of this last share. Let's hope for winter squash, broccoli and more potatoes next fall. It's been a lovely year in general, despite so much rain. It has always been reassuring to me as a gardener, and now as a farmer, that every year some things do well, some fail or wimp along, and some crops are outstanding. There's always enough to eat and each year has its special flavor. This year I grew the best peppers ever. In fact I will be very glad when the hot peppers are done! I miss winter squash and I look forward to trying corn next year.

Most of all, I am grateful to my farm members for their patience and willingness to try new things, whether it's radish tops or edaname or tiny thinnings of Swiss chard. In fact, our farm members are frequently appreciative of many of the vegetables, fruits and flowers they get in their shares, as well my efforts on their behalf. That gives me courage and hope, no matter what the season.

So to all you farm members, THANK YOU! You are the best.