Thursday, December 22, 2011

Shares for sale

I've started selling shares for the 2012 season! I am excited both to have returning and new farm members already. It's neat to have a few shares sold already when it is still 2011. This is a flyer I brought to the Leyden Craft Fair. If you would like a copy, I can email or snail mail one to you. So happy about farming. I just planted Red Russian Kale, Swiss Chard and Red Garnet Mustard for the hoophouse today. I am aiming for mid May harvest for the earliest shares. Keep your fingers crossed!
IN CASE YOU CAN'T READ THE FLYER, IT SAYS: Laura Timmerman's Farm A tiny farm with a big heart. Leyden's very own little CSA – really local and really fresh, organically grown vegetables, fruits, and flowers Three sizes to suit your needs: Full Shares, Half Shares and Mini Shares I grow a wide variety of produce and flowers, focusing on delicious and heirloom varieties. In addition to standard garden favorites, such as beans, tomatoes and lettuce, I like to grow vegetables that you might not find in your local market, such as fresh shell beans, Italian and Asian greens, and varieties that are difficult to ship long distances, but are oh so tasty. I have been growing food organically in this same location for over thirty years. I never use chemical fertilizers or pesticides but focus on natural, intensive, sustainable methods of caring for the garden. The farm includes a mixed flock of heirloom, pasture-raised chickens who lay delicious, dark-yolked eggs in a rainbow of colors. I am an experienced gardener but a new farmer. I invite you to become part of my exciting and joyful adventure. BASIC SHARE INFO: Farm members receive fresh, local produce during the growing season. Full and Half Shares last 20-24 weeks, depending on the weather, and include a weekly bouquet. Mini Shares last 16 weeks and include a bouquet when possible. All shares include Pick-Your-Own privileges when possible. Full Shares - $600.00 - $675.00, sliding scale Half Shares - $300.00 - $350.00, sliding scale Mini Shares - $100.00 Pick Up at the farm on Thursdays Contact Laura for more information or to reserve your share for the 2012 season. 413-773-8325,

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I'll be at the LEYDEN CRAFT FAIR this Sunday with eggs and information about the 2012 Farm Shares. Stop by for a visit!