Saturday, March 27, 2010

BEING PATIENT and rambling.

Today there's a lot of waiting involve in my gardening. Currently I am waiting for seeds to come up, especially the peppers and eggplant which always take a while. I am waiting for the earth to dry up a bit so it's safe to work the soil without damaging its structure. I am waiting for the soil to be a bit warmer for some crops. I am waiting for my headache to go away so I can prune and prep the garden beds for the early crops. I am waiting for the new baby chicks to arrive. They are scheduled to arrive at the end of April. I have been reading about gardening according to the phase of the moon and experimenting with it a bit. I am supposed to wait until the 28th to plant the basil and marigolds so tomorrow I can do some more planting inside.

In the meantime there is plenty to do. I planted moonflowers today, one of my favorite fun flowers. It's basically a giant morning glory whose flower is about 6 or 7 inches across. The blossoms open in the evening and have a beautiful aroma. I always imagine that there might be an interesting moth that pollinates them in warmer climates where they are perennials.

It's pleasant here. Peaceful. And sweet relief to see the earth again. The snow melted more quickly than I have ever seen it happen. 5 days from a completely white winter landscape to spring! This afternoon the chickens have been entertaining me with their exploits. They wandered as far as the woods at one point. Later they came around the house to the front yard so I fed them rolled oats from the front step. And then I saw a few hens in the new flower garden in the company of about 20 robins. The chickens kept eyeballing the robins curiously and walking towards them. I wonder if the hens thought they might be chicks?

This post is more rambly than usual. Seems to be what my head needs, a bit of drifting and noticing the beautiful world.

Friday, March 5, 2010

A few shares available

Hi folks, Shares have been selling easily, without much effort on my part, (perfect!), but there are about 2 more shares available. If you are interested in a share, let me know soon! When I say 2 more shares, I mean the equivalent of 2 full shares so that can be a combination of full, half and mini shares.

My planting is based on the number of shares I am growing. If fewer people sign up, then I will concentrate on more variety for the existing shares, more storage crops for me and for sale as Fall Storage Shares, and perhaps growing a few things for market.

I am starting to get excited about the new growing season, how about you?